Friday, August 27, 2010

have you blessed?

if you woke up this morning with a healthy body,
you are more blessed than the millions of people 
who are not able to survive on this week..

if you never feel the danger of war, 
the loneliness of imprisonment, 
the pain of being tortured, or 
suffering from hunger,
your condition better than 500 million people in the world..

if you have the food in the refrigerator, 
clothes to cover the body, 
a roof for shelter, 
and a place to sleep,
you're better off than 75% of people on this earth.

if you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and 
spare money in several places,
you included in the 8% of the world's richest people..

if your parents are still alive and happy in her marriage,
Your condition is very rarely found even in the united states..

if you can be smiling and full of gratitude, 
you're blessed because many people can do that but 
many more who can not

If you prayed yesterday and today .. 
you are a man who rarely met because you believe God hears and 
answers your prayers

if you can read this blog, 
you are more blessed than 5 billion people around the world 
who can not read or not read this .

_psalm 136:3_

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