Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Beaver

today, i watched "the beaver", played by Mel Gibson. i got some valuable life lessons:

1.people who really love us, will remain on our side. 
   storms can occur, any problems that arise, 
   as difficult as any to pass, 
   he will remain faithful together by ourselves. 
   maybe he's angry, complaining, 
   but when he stayed at your side without moving though, 
   know you are the person he loved most in this world =)

2.quotes from the movie: 
   don't want to be lied to by many people who say,
   "everything will be okay". 
   life doesn't present a good thing alone. 
   it's a reality that we must accept. 
   but one thing is for sure, 
   we do not have to live it, through it all alone. 
   God not only allows the problem occurs, 
   but also ensures there will be someone at least, 
   who will accompany us through all the bitterness of life. 
   maybe not a perfect as we expected, 
   but in the end, you will be grateful for your presence near.

so, are you interested to try to watch this amazing movie? =D

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