Monday, December 19, 2011

a better person vs a better world in love

i can't describe what love is.
dont' pretend to know what love is for everyone..
and i think, this isn't a meaning of love too.
maybe, this is just one characteristic of love, for me.

in the past, i thought,
that love is when you found someone who really can make your life "better."
who can make your world become so perfect, 
and everything's just gonna be okay as long as you with him/her.

it isn't a wrong statements.
yes, the one from God will make your life better day by day.
but how can you know it?
do your problems gonna be dissapear?
can you stop all the mess things in your life?
of course not!

for me,
correct; for a mature me =) ,

i think love is 
knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with him/her more than any other

love is

when you find someone 

who always make your spirit shining,
just because you want to see his/her smile again

who can't make your problems dissapear,
but makes you enjoying all the hard things in life easily..

a man that are always ready to give you encouragement,
but be there to catch you when you are falling down

a man who can't makes your puzzle life complete just because of his presence,
but the one who can help you to find out a thousands little pieces of that puzzle

a man who can be your bestfriend, who can understand your past, 
believes you in the future, and accepts you just the way you are

life will always be jerk.
accept it.
no one can change your life to be a better one, except yourself!
so stop putting your happiness on him..

if you really love him/her,
you will be thankful to God just because his/her presence in your world.

the correct statements is,
a good and healthy relationship will make you to be a better person, 
so you can handle all the dark side of this world with courage and smile.
not to make a "better" world for you !

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