Monday, February 13, 2012

every girl must have dreamed of her wedding gown in the future later.
it will look gorgeous?
or stunning?
classic or modern?
yes, i'm a girl too ..
same with you,
i have my own fantasy about my wedding gown in the future..
maybe kinda classic.. but look elegant and modern at the same time !
wearing a flowery wreath on my wavy medium hair..
full with flower & lace..

in this valentine's moment..
wanna share to you..
a wedding gown i dreamed of =)
what do you think? 

happy valentine's day !!
love is in the air 


  1. hello dear ! :D U are following my blog soo I`m following your`s now ! Cute pictures and music !!! :D i think we can keep in touch ! Kisses !!!! Koroneska :D

  2. wonderful dress


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