Tuesday, March 27, 2012

last rain drop

striped top from Mom, mini skirt from Mark & Spencer department store,
navy cardigan from local boutique, suede teal platform pumps from iconinety9

It’s been fun challenging myself to dress “office appropriate”
This time, 
I took out old pieces from my closet, like this striped blue top from my mom 
and my old pencil skirt from mark & spencer department store ( and of course, blended it with another blues ! )
I decided to rewaken them with fun hints like my navy blue wrap around as a cardigan and suede teal platform pumps + a cute flower on it !!
and retouching it, with a simple modern purse =)

I think they add just the right amount of minimalistic emphasis to your outfit, 
and it keeps things looking cool and fresh.

Don’t you think?

and want to share to you,
my dinner menu at choco corner ,
the art of the chocolatier !!
i bet, 
you cant stop eating and eating again in that place =D

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  1. oh seeing you in this fabulous blue outfit doesn´t makes me blue, you look so gorgous and i absolutely love the look darling!

  2. Nice outfit and good pictures :)

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