Thursday, April 5, 2012

i'm dying because of dots

i know this is already april.. 
and it must be a warmy and amazing day to go out..

the weather now is so different, unpredictable!

in here, in april,
we still need a jacket, coat, sweater, or anything else to make us comfortable in a windy weather like this..

so, i decided to still wearing my boots and tights,
just to make sure, that my foot will be safe from a cold wind =p

but, the best part is,
i can wear a bright dots blouse like this for spring !!! =D =D
with a ribbon belt and a stunning shorts of course to make it look compatible ..

what do you think about my outfit?
and tell me about the weather in your country, dear..
i really confused about our world now =(

have a good april, everyone!

boots, H&M tights, zara shorts, polka dots blouse from my mom, ribbon belt

dont forget to hype me in

thank you !!!


  1. Thank you so much for the comment! Lovely outfit!

  2. Hi Winda! Cheska here. I don't have chictopia, but I have Lookbook. :) Love your outfit! Btw, thanks for the comment. <3


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