Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July oh July

well, hello guys !!
i missed you all so much ^^
i've been very very busy right now,
that's why it takes so long for me to update post for you  =(

today i just wanna share you (coz i'm so excited about this) 
one of amazing t-shirt that i ever saw !!haha..
yes, it just a t-shirt, 
but i bet you'll fall for that unique quotes design on every single of it..
trust me,
you'll be like it !

check it out about the tees on;
facebook :
blog :

and btw, i dont forget to inform you, 
that our fave brand of clothing, 
Clubcouture gives us a 20% off entire store for celebrating 4th July =)
dont miss it, guys..
just for one day !!!

and here the disc code for you ;

have a great July !!!
and happy shopping =)


  1. Hello! Thanks for visited my blog!
    Cute blog :D

  2. Amazing blog :)

    Everything is great.

    Follow each other?

    xoxo , Azra

  3. I like visiting inspiring blogs like this.

  4. Sangat berharap, semoga web ini menjadi web yang terdepan dalam menyajikan informasi yang mencerahkan

  5. Heloo :D

    this is a simple and inspiring blog :)

    from Penjual Parfum


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