Wednesday, December 19, 2012

big brother with his little sister, me !

hello, dear !
sorry for the missing post for this time..

i've been through a very hectic december this year,

oo my God.. i still cant believe it..
i mean.. why time flies so fast..?
i still remembered the time when we were a kids and play together..
and now.. we must accepted that we already grown up and we must realize the fact of life now ! =)

i'm really so happy for him..
there is no words that can explain my feelings to see his happiness =)
well, but actually..
i just can say i support you and happy for you..
i'm too shy to tell him how much i love him as family ><

and i want to spoiler you, guys, about his wedding !

the wedding will be in the same day with christmas.
yes, on december 25th 2012. 
because my brother's birthday date on 12th and his fiance birthday on 25th.
they combined the date and ta daaa..on christmas.. haha..

they will be marry in Nusa Dua, yess Bali =)
exactly, in The Mulia hotel Bali,
and they will be the 1st groom & bride that marry in that hotel because the building is still close for public until january 2013 !!!!
how amazing is that =D

here's the picture.. share to you ;)

Eternity Chapel for the ceremony 

my suite bed room ^^

 the swimming pool inside the room

the terrace from my room

wide terrace


and the living room 

well, i think this is enough for the spoiler.. =p
 see you soon in the next post !

big brother with his little sister, me! =)


win octavia


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