Sunday, March 31, 2013

Show me Your love ( Happy Easter 2013! ) + GIVEAWAY

I feel so much in love right now.
To my Beloved God.
I dont know what i wanna say,
I even dont know what i can say to you..
Actually, i'm not the person that can describe my faith easily >.<

There is a me I want to be.
Life is not about any particular achievement or experience.
The most important task of your life is not what you do, but who you become.

For we are God’s handiwork,
created in Christ Jesus to do good
works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

You are not your handiwork; your life is not your project.
Your life is God’s project.

God thought you up,
and he knows what you were intended to be.
He has many good works for you to do,
but they are not the kind of “to do” lists we give spouses or employees.
They are signposts to your true self.

Your “spiritual life” is not limited to certain devotional activities that
you engage in.
It is receiving power from the Spirit of God to become the
person God had in mind when he created you—his handiwork.

I get hung up on so many things in life, 
worrying about what I will never do or achieve or have. 
But I don’t want to miss my life.

I want to do the work God made me to do.
I want to love God and the world he made.

“The me God made me to be” is measured by my capacity to love.
When we live in love, we flourish.

And the time to love is now.
When we love, we enter into the mystery of eternity.
Nothing offered in love is ever lost,
for this mortal life is not the whole story..

i want that "life"
i want to become God’s best version of me,
and it starting from 'now'.

KEEP IT CHIC denim shirt & tulle skirt & bowler hat
 TOPSHOP vintage purse

My name is Winda Octavia, 
and i want to say to You, God,
"i love You."

We live and die; Christ died and lived! ~ John Stout, Evangelist

Happy Easter, everyone !


Win Octavia

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I want to give you, my readers, a chance to win a bowler hat,
just like mine !


 2 WINNERS will get  2 bowler hats with their choices !
(it means i will give you 4 hats for free !!!)

You can pick the color as you want it, above;

Rules :

- follow this BLOG by GFC & BLOGLOVIN
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extra entries :

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Will pick the winner based on their completeness the rules !

The giveaway open internationally from April/ 2 /2013 - April/ 10 /2013

I will announce the winners at April 11 =)

so, Good luck !


  1. Dropped by thru chictopia :) Love your style, you are so cute :)
    Following your blog & Happy Easter ^^
    xo, Lara

  2. Happy Easter!! Congrats for the blog.

    Following you through BlogLovin' and GFC!!

  3. looks lovely, happy easter

  4. hey is it the ballet dress from your post "the little things i need"
    c'est belle cherie

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    Thanks yah giveawaynyaaa.. XD

  7. Blog kmu bagus.. XD seneng deh bacanyaa..

  8. What an adorable outfit, you just look so perfectly cute and pretty! I really love your style :)

    Great post btw, Easter means a whole lot to me too :) Glad you checked out my blog! I will be following yours along now!


  9. thanks for ur comment on my blog!!
    :D blom jd fashion designer tp akan hehe :)

    wooo!! really interested with this giveaway!!
    really want bowler recently and tada
    hope i can win it!!

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    wish me luck and wish evryone luck ;)

  10. I like your tulle skirt and I joined your giveaway!

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    Happy easter to you too! :)

    Lemon Kitty (I just really like cats okay)

  11. Lovely outfit, you looks very pretty! ^^

  12. OMG I just love this outfit you look super cute. I just follow I hope you follow me back. Thanks for you comment...

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  14. Is that Taman Jogging??
    Woaa orang Kelapa Gading yaa?? Aku juga loh hehehe ><

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  16. Hi dear, you look great! I love your shoes and skirt! Thx for the lovely comment:) and sorry for being late. Just followed you on gfc and bloglovin/53, kisses chris

  17. YOU look so chic in this pretty hat! Great pictures as well! Followed you here and on Bloglovin', hope you can do same;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  18. You definitely look adorable in that hat. Looks like a nice hat too =)
    I'm already a follower of yours in GFC - Diva In Me. I would love to have a Blue and spotted black & white one =)
    P.S If you have an iPhone 5 and would like to try your luck to win a phone cover, do drop by my blog and participate in my giveaway =) All the best dearie!

  19. very cute and i love your outfit

    awesome outfit,very cute and i love your blog also
    now,i'm your follower.can we follow each other ?

  20. love love love how chic and cute everything is, the denim, red, and pastels just compliment each other perfectly
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  21. I LOVE this outfit! The skirt is so adorable!
    Thanks for stopping by doll<3

  22. Too bad the contest ends before I knew :(

  23. you look really lovely there, Winda! I love how you mix vintage look with denim! you looks sweet and trendy in same time.. good luck for all your giveaway participants :D

  24. I'm following you on GFC!! Lovely photos :)

  25. Lovely look, love the hat! Shall we follow let me know XSE


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