Friday, December 6, 2013

Smile Again

Finally I'm feeling better enough to write posts again. 
Christmas is just around the corner but I haven't have chance to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere ! 
I have been feeling so busy for days and bed has been my best accompany to rest. 
Even though I'm not feeling 100% energetic but I have to step up for all the delayed tasks.

Today's outfit post were taken last week or even earlier and yes, this lady was sick and lazy. 
However the weather still stay the same (pretty warm but windy) and this is still something I could wear now. It's warm, cozy as well as preppy. 
Something classy that would stay stylish even after years.
 wear up the tights if you want it to be warmer or keep it how it's if you'll be spending most of your time indoor.

Keepit Chic printed abstract dress
Prada Saffiano bag
Caliope flats girly shoes


Win Octavia


  1. Hello from Spain: Nice dress. Great bag, Keep in touch

  2. I hope you're feeling much better now and that dress look really good on you =)

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  3. Great blog!!!
    Can we follow each other via gfc bloglovin and g+?
    Follow me and leave me a comment so that I can follow back.

  4. gorgeous dress!
    get well really soon, Winda! :D

  5. Thanks for your nice comment.
    I do not speak English well enough to write blog in English. But up on the blog I have a translator ;)

  6. the look
    check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other via gfc and bloglovin

  7. get well soon ceee~ ^^
    you look so mature and beautiful here :D

    cheer, michelle

  8. what a cute look <3 love the dress and shoes!

    Diary of a Dreamer

  9. Happy new year ^^
    Your pict looked gorgeous

    Nice to know you dear,
    Natural Hut

  10. Cute photos girly and thanks for dropping by my blog [:
    Nice blog too and I'd love to see more from you!!
    Would you be interested to follow each other? Do let me know!!


  11. This is such a beautiful look! Your dress is beautiful and I hope you had a great christmas! =)


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