Friday, January 17, 2014

Candy Crush

Dear readers,
i am extremely sorry for the lack of updates, for i were so busy with everything (still are), but i'm trying my best!

I am your typical girly girl. 
Well, okay, not really. 

I’m actually a mix of so many personalities rolled into a neat and perfectly weird ball. 
But a side of me does cater to the stereotype of a girl- the one who loves flowers, the one who wears pretty flowery cropted bustier, and wakes up every morning to the sound of birds chirping, rushes to open the windows to greet them a good morning, and let the sun shine in the room. 

Okay wait a minute, that’s Cinderella, and I don’t actually do that. 
But you get my point- A girly-girl. 

Once in a while, I do like to indulge in a few ultra feminine moments, 
like wearing flowers in my hair and reading books by the garden, 
dreaming of a happily ever after and a few shallow things in between- 
simply because life is sweeter that way. 

While my generation of women may be more iPad/iPhone/iEverything savy, 
it feels nice to put those down for a while to go out and get some fresh air. 

I did that last Sunday and realized I really don’t mind having a solo picnic sesh in the garden, 
and listening to my favorite playlists while reading a book or playing with my dogs. 
Okay, maybe only if I get to take a few instagram photos while I’m at it!

cropted bustier : Forever21
skirt : keep it chic
bag : gifted from my sister in law
shoes : keep it chic


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