Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Remember December

 Counting days til my most favorite time of year! Can you believe it? 
Time flies by so quickly! 
We’re getting old guys! Lol. 

With just a month to go, it’s high time to plan our shopping lists and think of we’re giving as gifts to our loved ones. Honestly, that gets me super excited. 
I love giving gifts and finding the best things to give! 
So today’s post will be just about that. A few ideas to get your Xmas shopping lists going. 
Hope you like it!

1. For a friend - think about how she likes to dress herself, then find the best accessory to complement her look. 
If she is feminine, get her a nice necklace (maybe one with her name or birthstone on it?). 
If she is androgynous, get her a fedora. 
If she is unsure of her style, maybe a lipstick in a shade you think will look great on her. 
Don’t forget to leave a note explaining why the item you picked makes you think of her!

2. Sunnies are also a good option. 
This can be tricky because it’s usually hard to find the right style to suit a certain face shape. 
But if you know what works, this gift idea can suit both sexes! 
I recommend investing in a brand that has UV protection and warranty coverage, so it will last longer. Your friend will think of you everytime he/she has it on!

3. If your thinking of finding a gift for people like me who’s always on the go, has most of what she needs and always busy, then I highly recommend a practical option. 
Think of something that will be useful more than anything else. 
For example: These purse from Charles&Keith are perfect because they are stylish, foldable and compact.
Another example? How about buying a camera for a friend who is into photography? Buying a laptop bag or luggage for someone on the go?

4. For someone special- I don’t believe that price equates to the meeting of your gift. 
But it shouldn’t stop you from getting a good one either. 
What I’m saying is that for the right people, investing in a good purchase for them can show that you care for them. 
If your mom has always wanted a certain bag for the longest time, and can’t bring herself to buy it, buy it for her. 
If your dad is eyeing a particular gadget and you have the means to make him happy, do it. 
If you can spend so much on yourself, you should be able to spend the same,
if not more for the people you love. <3


Win Octavia

Monday, November 3, 2014


For a lot of us, our go-to outfits consist of neutrals. Safe colors or hues to be more precise. 
We wear an all black fail safe outfit or match a good pair of jeans with a polo- you know the drill. 

I wonder though, why don’t we reserve our brights and special prints for normal days? 
If what you wear affects how you feel, then I’d want to get a little help feeling better with a dose of bright red! 

For days when I don’t feel too special, 
I find that wearing something as bold and eye catching as this surely does help. 
Try it and let me know if it works for you as well!

Win Octavia

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Turn Off The Colours

While my last post was about adding a pop of color to your outfit, 
this one is about the power of toning it down. 
My all time favorite go to look would have to be an a black and white ensemble- preferably of the suit variation. 
It ALWAYS works no matter what the occasion, and I find that it’s an updated (and more unexpected) version of the little black dress. 
Obviously, you can easily wear this look with pumps and call it an event worthy look, but even on a casual day, it’s easy to rock. I am wearing a scarf and pairing it with casual sneakers for a “day look.”


Win Octavia