Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A-Line Preppy

It’s hard to layer much when you live in a tropical country. 
You want to look fresh and cool, and not be loaded with clothes! 

Anyhow, the trick is to stick to lightweight fabrics! 
I’m actually not following my own advice as I’m wearing knit and denim, 
but it was a breezy day, so I’m excused lol. 

I also like sticking to bold tones, like leaf green, red and black 
so you don’t look like you’re melting in humidity. 

Also, I always make sure that my hair is styled right, because messy ‘do’s can really ruin a look. 
So if my hair isn’t cooperating, I tie it in a bun, and the whole outfit seems so much more polished than If I went for my untruly-trying-to-be-french-but-failing hair. 

What do you think?

Hat : unbranded
Dress : Keepit chic
Cropped Jacket : Stradivarius
Purse : gifted from my sister-in-law

By the way, as we talk about the layering outfit,
do you know that my dress is an A-Line cutting?

An A-Line dress is a dress that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem,
giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A.

I love *mostly* A-Line cutting dress because the shape is really perfect for my body.
It helps me to cover up my widely hips haha
and of course 'cause i love the sweet polite cutting dress like that ! 

This, i give you an example how lovely the dress like this is =D

These all is from Dressale.
For you my loyal readers must know that amazing webstore,
'cause i often talk 'bout it! hehe

I hope you can find your perfect fit dress as your dream at Dressale !
You can click the "Special Occasion Dresses",
then choose "Evening Dress",
and "A-Line".

Or there will be another amazing dress that you must have, gorgeous =D
Take a look & have fun.



Friday, March 14, 2014

White Day with pastels

It's White Day cause I’m taking out all of my favorite things from my closet! 
And according to one of my readers- “in true WINDA fashion”, 
my favorite on this look is definitely this teal purse! 
Isn’t it jaw dropping-ly gorgeous? 

This cute purse is from Bonni Bell Shop ,
they sale an amazing girly stuff that every girl needed such as dresses, skirts, tops, bags, wallets, and purses.
You should take a look as fast as you can to their page ! =D

or you can find them on;

instagram @Bonnibellshop
twitter @Bonnibellshop
whatsapp +6281932771557
BBM 75412206
Line Griselsa.goei
phone 021-36728876

I bet you will fall for every product they sale,
because of the quality and how kindly the owner is !! =)

Cardigan : Gifted
bustier : @misslulu_house
skirt : keepit chic 
purse : Bonnie Bell Shop 
heels : Charles & Keith



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Love Month

what is love?
i think no one can answer this question correctly.

everybody have their own meaning of what love is.
everyone had their own love story & each is beautiful as the unique as they were.

mine.. is really a loveable pity love story.
i still really hard to moving on from my 9years perfect guy.. haha.. >.<

but i need to say, even this is really a boring statement,
we need to learn from every mistakes in the past =)
i could say that i'm wiser and know what is love since then.

i still really really love him, i want to scream it out loud in front of him if i could,
but still it didn't change anything..

the most hurt feeling ever is..
 when both of you is really in love with each other.. but didn't meant to be together,
like my 1st love story.

yes, God sent to me another angel into my life.
he's not a perfect as my 1st love, but he is perfect enough to makes me feels complete.

i  want learn to love him,
i want to open my heart to him & give him a chance,
i want to hug him & say how much i thanked God because He sent him to me! =D
how lucky i am.

Zara stripes top
Chicwish ruffles skirt
@bagholics purse
Keepitchic coat

what about your love story?
tell me =)
let's sharing here together!
and hope you can feel better...