Tuesday, October 30, 2012

umbrella & rain boots

its already rainy seasons in my tropical country..
yes, it means i need to take out my umbrellas & rain boots from the deepest closets to use it now !!

and now, we will talk about this;
what do you think about your umbrella & rain boot?

The umbrella is one of the most important fashion accessories in a woman’s and man’s wardrobe. 
It not only saves us from the rain, but also comes to be a bright extension of our image, 
it gives a stylish and elegant look!

The rain boots are an essential buy for cold wet and chilly winters. 
They are also an important addition to any woman's footwear collection. 
The weather is always unpredictable and keeping us dry is also good for the health!  

I think umbrellas and rain boots are an amazing way to bring some sunshine to a gloomy day, 
so make every day a beautiful one, rain or shine ;)

During the rainy season, 
I’ve seen more and more brides putting on their rain boots to go into the wet and muddy outdoors for some fun shots. 
I love rain boots, 
and nowadays you can find just about any color and pattern designs you can think of. 
Give a pop of color to your outdoor engagement or wedding photo session!

Just take your rain boots with you this rainy season to switch it up a bit 
and you’ll get some really cool shots like the ones below. 
Match your personality or your wedding colors. 

You can even have the bridesmaids join you with matched or mismatched rain boots while you take some outdoor photos. 
It’s a fun look and you don’t get to ruin your fancy shoes in bad weather.

so ready to take your umbrella & rain boots out? =)


win Octavia


  1. I absolutely love the last umbrella! It just so cute :).

  2. Nice blog ! Thanks for your comment on my blog ! Follow each other?


  3. I really love your blog, my dear§ I have been following on GFC and Bloglovin for quite a long time but I didnt have a lot of time to comment. Love all those boots and umbrellas!



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