Saturday, April 27, 2013

Be stylish, Be~Bob !!

New Sunday, new post!!

Today, i'll introduce you to my special favorite shoes-store, "Be~Bob",
because i found the easiest way to get my dream shoes with them !
Have you ever heard about this brand before?
Or maybe should i tell you first my problems to finding a great shoes for my feet?

Okay, let me tell you the story (a.k.a my problems =p ).
I was born with a combination blood between chinese & australian.
I'm not white, i'm yellow, with a big eyes. 
So i really mixed up.
I'm happy with it since it doesn't matter to me!
Until.. i get a problems this past year..
i stopped growing up (cause i already 23!!!!),
and i've got the fact that i have a very small feet..
It's difficult to me to find a gorgeous and stylish shoes in my size!!
I'm so sad about this =(

And then, i tried to wear a very very small size.. even smaller than my usual size,
the result is.. i felt so much in pain all along my feets.
i realize, this isn't good for me. 
Yeah, i want to look perfect.. every women need it!
But, i guess, i need to love my feet either.

But, its all in the past now!
Yeah.. since i found Be~Bob, an amazing shoes-store that help me to find my dream shoes =)
I can found a lot of variety fashionable daily shoes, like flat shoes, sandals, wedges, and high heels with a complete size. 
They all come with a very trendy new modern design and so comfortable to wear !
Say goodbye to your "pain shoes" !

As a fashion blogger from Indonesia,
with proudly, i prefer to wearing this brand to my photoshoot =)
Beside, they are so easy to wear to matching with all my outfit.
They are perfect shoes!
Are you, guys, curious now? ;)
Here's i show you my favorite shoes from them,
i bet, you'll love it too !

you can get this here



So.. you really like them, right? ;p
Go get them fast!
What are you waiting for? ^^



  1. i love the last one. haha.

    visit mine (tiwi)

  2. I love Be~Bob too! Their shoes are always cuuute~
    But since they largest size is 40, I hardly get comfortable shoes for my feet. Just FYI... I'm 15 and my size is about 40-41. Pain, I can't wear those cute shoes :'(

    Well, visit my blog, thank you :)


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