Monday, April 21, 2014

One Fine Day

Well this time i will show you my "fine day", where there was nothing except had fun =D

I will share to you two great places ( a.k.a restaurant or cafe ) 
to hang out and have a great time with your fellas,
or maybe just for have a cozy time with yourself !

But relax, the detail pictures of my outfit will be post above too =)

Should we start now? 

1st Place was this cute girly restaurant.
Maybe almost people already knew about this place since it was so swarming in the media!
I bet you can see how sweet this place only from the outside =D

*smooking area*

-Peppermint tea IDR 39k

*all the tables decorated so charming and sweet*

* i really love the mirror on the window-wall and those reflected*

-Herbs John Dori IDR 75k

Herbs John Dory with butter rice and butter cream pesto sauce. 
It's very fresh indeed. Too bad the portion is quite tiny. The boys may ask for more.. 

-Salmon Carbonara Pizza IDR 70k

Feel the ultimate taste of fresh salmon with creamy rice in the shape of pizza !

Actually, it was my 1st visit and most definitely won't be my last.
I just feel like this place has the cutest theme among those numerous-ever-growing-new-restaurant in PIK.
It has that cute-feminine adorable touches inside and outside.

Not only about the cuteness of this place,
that girly tableware (you can see it from the teddy bear tea pot and the dine table),
the restaurant also offers you with delicious fusion of French Italian dishes.
Oh, not forgetting their cute yummy beverages and desserts too !

Okay, enough for a while about that Italian food.
I was going to "an i don't know what place is that" near PIK,
and decided to come in to see what's inside.
It's an outdoor place to have a great time with your families/friends,
because it has a beautiful scenery,
but we not allowed to take a picture because you need to rent the place for photoshoot.

So, here i am,
ended up taking a picture of myself .
And yes, this is the sneak peek about the outfit that i wore on that day. 
But i changed the heels into flats in this outdoor area for the activities here. 

After that kind of sight-seeing on that hot day,
i was craving about something cold like an ice cream,
then found this unique name on the PIK street.


If you're not familiar with this, I really hope after you read this review, 
you'll gain a vision that something that doesn't have that much publication sometimes hide the best treasures. That's exactly the condition of this cafe. 

I'm going to tell you upfront that THIS IS THE BEST PLACE TO HAVE YOUR DESSERT!

*the cakes bar*
Once you step inside this pretty petite cafe,
you'll be amazed on how colorful the shop is! 
It's just so pretty looking,
they also sell cookies, cupcakes, and whole round cakes here,
everything is based on your own preference.
You want it, they serve it for you.

My eyes got "hurt" by this Kardinal Strawberry and i almost feel sorry to have a bite.

and read this one, if you dine-in here,
you'll get FREE ONE SCOOP OF ICE CREAM accompanying your beautiful choice of roll cakes!
Such an amazing deal =)

My boyfriend chose a matcha ice cream to accompany this pretty cake.

another one, i chose this lovely cheeseberry roll with vanilla ice cream beside the cake,
since i can't stop eating cheese since i was a kid. 

And i can't help my self to stopped choosing and eating the cakes.
Fall for this cutie and decided to try it too!

This place is just so pretty, I don't know how many times I've used the word "pretty" because it's totally PRETTYY !!! A lot of floras, colors, vintage and POP!

*pretty macaroons are to die for *

*This the side where they sell you the cookies and you can choose it for yourself*

Stop wondering about Rati Rati and drive by here,
i assume that you are probably mouthwatering right now, well, you should !!!
It's reasonable price for such cakes and since it's delicious.
You'll find cakes much more expensive somewhere but doesn't really compromise your expectation,
and this might be the one for you <3

Okay ,
now time for the OOTD *Oufit of That Day* =p
I'm really in the mood to go for pastel, 
and found i had a great pieces to combined to make a sweet but fresh look!
Do you Love it?

Blazer : Gaudi
Two colors Bustier : Keepitchic
Cotton Pants : Gaudi
Heels : Charles & Keith
Purse : Guess

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Beatrice Quarters
Jl. Marina Ruko Crown blok B 26
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone : 081322157245
Website :

Rati Rati
Rukan Cordobe Blok G No. 5
Jl. Marina Indah Raya Bukit Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara.


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