Saturday, February 4, 2012

every step of the way

my mom can attest my love for vintage pieces.
everytime i rummage through her closet, i always find something in ages,
and i end up lovin' it !
my choice for the cardigan is no exception.
it's not really vintage, but the moment i laid eyes on it,
i know i'm in love with it !
knitted red cardigan, you are mine from the beginning =D
i worked my outfit with that cardigan as the basic thing i must wear.
starting with the colors, 
and finally i picked my lovely super duper high waisted shorts,
with a simple red top.
i added a black tights & big belt to add a hint of the gothic and a pop of color in it.
and dont forget to my sweet furry zara purse !
and last, for the 1st time,
i will introduce you, guys,
my new baby !!!
black & red gothic heels from iconinety9 =)
how beautiful is she, right?

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  1. thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Followed your blog too! Hugs♥ I also left a comment in reply to your question in my blog...please do check it out.


  2. follow back (:

  3. Great pictures - love the bright color!

    xo Jennifer

  4. really wonderful cardigan...nice combination


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